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Tech To Site Website Launched

Ouroai Digital Solutions Website Design Website Launch

We are happy to announce Tech To Site Website Launch

Tech To Site was one of the first to work with us at Ouroai, first reaching out to us In July of 2019. To give you an idea of a typical workflow when you choose Ouroai I would like to give an overview.


Outline Ideas

We discussed their needs and developed a good idea of their requirements. This leads us to produce a demonstration site. With this demo site built it gave both teams something to visualize and work together on a path forward, likes and dislikes etc. Once we were clear on design, we create a staging copy and a landing page on the domain. Our work continues on the staging site.

They needed a multi-page website that stood shoulder to shoulder with large multi-million dollar competitors. Great Design and responsiveness were a must, as well as an ability to be useable to a wide range of ages and abilities. The website also needed the functionality to add articles and blog posts in the future.


Future Growth

Due to this need for ease of updates and future customization options, we elected to build the website on the WordPress platform. With our experience and ability to build responsive optimized websites, we knew we could make it look great and still perform well with page load speed and size.

The site took a little over a month to design, build, edit and proof. Followed by a final round of image optimization before being launched.

This is a fullscreen screenshot of their landing page, with more details on the other pages as clients click around the site.

Tech To Site Website Full Page Capture Sample



The Tech To Site website is a great example of a multi-page website that just wouldn’t cut it as a single one-page website. I will be doing a post about multi-page websites in the future. For now, If you want to learn more about One-Page Websites check out our article and find out if its a good fit for your business.

We are excited to show you the Tech To Site Website check it out here. It is a great example of our work.


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Mark Tull

Mark Tull

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