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One Page Business Website

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There are many options out there when it comes to solutions for business websites. We examine the advantage of the One Page Business Website.


As a business owner, searching for a company to build your business website can be a challenge. You will encounter many agencies and individuals who will try and lead you towards a full-blown website. While full multi-page websites do have an advantage, you have to be careful that you truly understand what you are paying for at those price points, and the value it will bring to your business. Multi-page sites typically run at price points of $2000 or more. A more cost-effective solution would be to look at a one-page business website.

Many small local businesses do not need a full multi-page website. The additional build time, maintenance costs, and security add a hidden cost to your business. What’s more, pages that owners feel they need such as Contact, About, Services, etc. can be condensed into a brochure one-page business site. These sites are usually designed with an emphasis on a clear call to action such as: Call us, Email us or Get A Quote. We will dig into an example in the next section.


The One Page Approach

To better demonstrate the one-page business website I’ve put an example demo site you can see at the link one-page Pizzaria site. For clarity, the image below is a full-page screenshot of the page outline.

In the image, you can see we have a header with links to page sections, a hero video to capture attention, below that an about section followed by a menu section, contact form, information section followed by address and contact info. All the essential parts of a business website but condensed for effect.

One Page Business Website Ouroai Digital Solutions Palestine Il

This kind of page is great for a small business owner who has a specific need. An owner who understands how essential it is to have a website presence, not reliant on social media. This cost-effective solution typically costs less than a full-blown website. Costs to owners typically sit around the $500 mark or less so it won’t take long to give you a return on investment.


More and more businesses are found and selected through a Google search. If you don’t have a website listed on your google my business page. You run the risk of being skipped over, losing potential sales to a competitor who has a website listed on google where users can learn a little about what you offer, see a menu or a product and click on the call to action.

Whether you choose to work with Ouroai or not we want your website endeavor to be a success. Keep in mind the points above when you engage a website design agency or individual. Sometimes bigger is not better when it comes to your business website.

Next week we will continue this free advice to help you get the results you desire.


Mark Tull

Mark Tull

Owner of Ouroai Digital Solutions

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