We are always excited about working with local business owners. Helping them grow their online presence is a passion.

Billy Bell with Finishing Touch Auto Recon LLC, reached out to us from a referral on social media. He was looking for a great website which would showcase his auto reconditioning business.

Finishing Touch Auto Recon LLC is based in Robinson Illinois serving a huge area with their EPA Certified state of the art mobile repair booths. They cover most of southern Illinois and Indiana.

What is Auto Reconditioning

For those who have not worked with an auto recon specialist before they are experts in interior and exterior repairs on cars and trucks. Services such as upholstery and leather repairs, wheel reconditioning, headlight restoration and more.

Their client base is huge and their work is highly regarded in the industry with over 20 years of experience bringing the best out of vehicles for owners and dealerships.


This project from concept to completion was a perfect example of great communication from start to finish. Timely interaction and information gathering allowed us to move from an initial concept to publishing within two weeks.

We are proud of how it turned out and look forward to working with our client on the next project.


To see their website visit https://finishingtouchautorecon.com be sure to reach out and request a quote for your vehicles on your lot, or before you sell your personal vehicle to increase its value.

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